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One of the first steps in figuring if blogging is right for you is finding a topic you are wildly passionate about. For me that topic came very easy for me, I just love I mean LOVE saving money! I take such pride in saving money and love showing off my hauls. I am always post my “hauls” on my personal social media pages. I kept getting the  question “How do you save so much?” or “Can you teach me how?”. It came rather naturally for me to be a become a blogger. For me it is the easiest way to share my ideas and actual savings with others in a blog post.


Now I did a ton of research on Pinterest and after looking into … A LOT I decided to jump in! Now, I have been told you don’t get into blogging for MONEY and right now that this 100% the truth. Of course it would nice to make money but honestly, I just share my expertise. Unless, your an expert blogger you very likely will not be making money quickly.  So if you went on Pinterest and found all those awesome articles that make blogging look so easy I am here to let you it takes a lot more then I even realized. Blogging is NOT a get rich quick scheme.Your first step is deciding if blogging is for you…. How do you that ask well ask yourself this….

  • Do you have something to share?

  • Will someone else find what your sharing interesting?

  • Are you an expert in your own unique way?

  • Do have passion to share more information on your topic?

If you have answer “yes” to 3 out 4 of these questions I think your ready to start Step 2: Finding a Blog Name!



~VIP Mom


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