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I would assume you want to learn how to save some money right?!?!? Well the first thing I want you to do is to take a deep breath you made the first step YOUR HERE!  Now I’m gonna give you some tips before you get started!


7 Pointers to help you Save! 

  • The first big mistake people make is thinking it is an all or nothing experience.

It took me several years to acquire all of these skills and I’m still learning. I’m not perfect and there are times that I screw things up and I don’t save as much money as I should have or could have or whatever.

  • Realize that this is a skill and skills aren’t developed overnight they take time and nurturing before they perfected.

With couponing in particular it definitely is a skill that takes time to learn and develop.

  • Also realize just because it’s good enough for me doesn’t mean that it’s good enough for you.

Meaning this …… I used to be the type of person who could not even phantom the idea of purchasing something used. However as time progressed my opinions about this topic changed. So realize that everything is a process and that it’s OK to say this isn’t going to work for me and my family.

  • Definitely try your hardest to throw out your loyalty to name brands.

Brands bank on the fact that you will be loyal to them which in turn cost you money. Also I have learned that being brand loyal means that you may miss out on an even better products. Now with everything there are somethings that people cannot get away from. I have met many people who just cannot do the generic type of Pepsi or Coke, so I completely understand that there will still some products you cant shake your brand loyalty to.  Actually as I progressed my savvy shopping skills I have found that I have become obsessed with name brand items I never knew how much I would love Gap or Hunter Boots but I found other ways to get those items for a fraction of the price.

  • Become as open-minded as you can!

Being opened minded will allow you to at least debate on the opportunity…. Being open-minded is necessary to save money. Oftentimes we jump to judgement before trying something when your open-minded you won’t miss those opportunities!

  • Definitely don’t compare yourself to other people!

Do what’s comfortable for you. No you will not get every single deal there is. Yes you will miss some! ….

  • Most of all have fun.

I honestly have more fun trying to save money than anything else and I often am referred to as a shoppolic  because I’m always looking my next deal. This doesn’t mean that I’m always buying it means that I’m on the lookout and I know that my family needs and I anticipate their.