Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #4 CVS on 1/28/17

Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #4 CVS on 1/28/17

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I lost my couponer holder in the store but I found it, so thankful for my CVS store employees. It reaffirms that why I shop here and why I love couponing here. I tipped my employees what I had in cash because seriously they deserve it and so much more!



I did a fairly quick trip of makeup and milk! Unknown to me at checkout they had already released the sale for tomorrow so I benefited and got B1G1 50% on Almay and Revlon and get $5ECB when you spend $15….but the down side is hit the limit for the coming sale ECB for the milk. I called my store back as this has never happened to me because I usually shop on Saturdays and was planning to use this current weeks ECB my cashier are working next wekk Saturday and will print they told let just hope they up for the following weeks sale!


So I used coupons that came out last week six – $4 off any ALMAY ( 4 from the papers and 2 I printed) and one Buy One Get One coupon for Revlon and CVS coupon $3 of an Revoln … when it was said and done with the double promotions it turned into a HUGE MONEYMAKER, bigger than what I planned for.


Remember CVS employees are paid minimum wage and if you get a CVS with good cashier’s treat them well tip them or pick them up meal when they work holiday’s. They make couponing so much easier for me as honest couponer who wants to get in and out!


Happy Couponing!

~VIP Mom


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