Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #3 Fresh Thyme on 1/7/17

Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #3 Fresh Thyme on 1/7/17

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This was my third stop of the morning and was hopeful it would last ( but was not). I have heard great things about Fresh Thyme because they have affordable Gress Feed Beef that goes on sale for under $4 a pound and this week it was on sale for $3.77lb. We are focusing on being a healthier family and whenever I get deals on organic food I jump at it. Well last week I ran into a problem making the meatloaf I had a very limited quality ground beef … so  I could pass up this deal!


This was the first time I have been in this store. We have heard for long time about over 2 years we were suppose to get one locally however construction issues arose and the location has still not opened River Forest, Illinois. Myself and my husband check it out quickly. We came across 2 other great deals while checking the store out. First, it reminds me of a Whole Food mixed with a Trader Joe’s. The prices were not as high as “whole paycheck” and seemed a little more in line and maybe lower than Trader Joe’s. I was impressed with this store a lot it had a lot to offer a health conscious family like ours. I will check it when the sales are there. It’s too far to be a regular store but not that far I won’t trip for a good sale.

I grabbed 5 packages of Grass Fed Ground Beef (85%) – $4.09; $4.07; $3.81; $4.26; & $4.18.

Right when we walked in we found ORGANIC Blackberries for $.99 (we bought 3) & Pint of Blueberries $1.47 (we bought 2)!

The produce selection was excellent and we were impressed by their prices it was not outrages!


Lesson is to not shop one store at least review other major stores close to where you live but also where you shop. This was 10ish minutes from my Dollar Tree that is 15 minutes (in good traffic) from where I live. There are often time great options available it’s how you plan your shopping. This whole Foods on budget!


~VIP Mom


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