Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #2 Costco 1/14/17

Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #2 Costco 1/14/17

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It is a Costco shopping type of day! My family loves all the samples and I love variety of items. Since we did not need much … we skipped our normal shopping at Aldi. Overall, we are very well stocked up. My husband is out of his believed beer and Costco overall has the best pricing plus I wanted a few other items. We headed over to the Oakbrook, Illinois location as we are finding they have a HUGE selection of items not at the other stores. I found out this location is the regional store with all the “buyers” so they are always testing stuff new out. It does hurt it is not that far from the Dollar Tree so it was no brainier…..


Here is what we got this trip……….

  • Baguettes – $6.99
  • Mini Nana – $4.99
  • Zarbee’s – $13.49


  • Broccoli/Cheddar Soup – $9.49
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup – $6.99 ( After store coupon)
  • Probiotic – $12.99 ( After store coupon)
  • Pretzel Rolls – $5.99
  • Soy Sauce – $5.99
  • Broccoli – $2.50 ( clearance for quick sale)

Also we could not leave without getting some alcohol ….

  • Kirkland Craft Brewed – $19.99
  • Crisp Cider – $4.89
  • Framboise – $8.69
  • Gigantic IPA – $4.79
  • Riesling – $5.99
  • Organic Tortilla Chips – $4.59




Now hubby last weekend gave beer making a try …. hoping it works so he can make his own beer and save us a little more money. My husband really loves beer so we have to put him a budget of $50 a month otherwise he would spend double if not triple…. Between Costco deals on 24 packs and his basic beer Miller High Life  we get two 24 packs of craft beer and one Miller High Life a month which is a lot beer for the money!


Now my kids are still sick for almost now we prefer all natural brands and we could 3 full size bottles Zarbee’s for $13.49 or $3.50 each when Target is $7-$8 each  …. so this a great saving plus it’s made with honey which works really well with the kids.


You have to be careful in warehouse’s like Costco & Sam’s Club you can easily buy things you don’t need on impulsive or buy something you think is great deal when it is not! We had a list which include shelve stable organic baguettes, soy sauces, pretzel rolls, and nana. I knew going in my husband would pick up some beer and I would likely pick up a few for myself as well. I don’t think we did to bad considering everything we got! At the earliest we will got back in 2 weeks around payday if we really need stuff but overall we have been doing fairly well by avoiding it.


~VIP Mom



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