Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #1 Dollar Tree 2/11/17

Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #1 Dollar Tree 2/11/17

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This Saturday, I had to be to work no later than 9am. So I was out of the house by 8:15am with the hope of getting my normal 4 papers before work. I ended not getting my 4 papers because my normal store did not have the one of the FULL Red Plum so I had to leave empty handed and head into work. I ended up getting papers Sunday morning at Mendards.



Well, my husband headed out mid-morning to our local Dollar Tree and picked up 2- 3 liters Faygo Twist: Lemon Lime soda as we had Mr. Middle Schooler & Mr. 3 year old complaining  they were not feeling well.  It feels kind of nice to shop on Saturday and go with it…. Next week I can stock up on our normal Dollar Tree errand.




~VIP Mom


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