Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #1 Dollar Tree 1/28/17

Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #1 Dollar Tree 1/28/17

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This Saturday, like the last few weeks we don’t need much. My problem is I like doing stuff with my family but it also leads for us to spend more when we are shopping. So we started our morning at our favorite Dollar Tree. We finally got back to our $20 budget …. I am so excited!

  • 4 Chicago Tribune
  • 2 – 9oz. Yellow (Spanish) Rice
  • LED  Bulb
  • Takis Explosion
  • 2 Arizona Teas
  • Sprite
  • 4 Rockstar Energy Drink
  • 1 Mother’s Bread
  • 1 BrownBerry Bread
  • 1 Sarah Lee Bread
  • 1 Thomas Bagels
  • Police Playset (something promised for my son)


I work 3 days a week and each day I take drink so the two Arizona Teas and Sprint fill my beverage needs for working a 10 hour work day. My husband works overnights and also works 10 hour shifts so he picked up 4 Rockstar energy drink. My kids are huge sandwich eaters and my oldest likes nice bread so my Dollar Tree is awesome for this. My son got a Police Playset because I made a promise he pick something yesterday.  Well hey, $6 for drinks and a $1 for kid thing … I have to figure out to cut these costs a little better.

Used one  $.55 BrownBerry & one $.55 Sarah Lee manufacture coupon.

My OOP was $19.90 plus $.59 in tax! I did a good job this week but my next stop maybe not so well!


~VIP Mom


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