Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #1 Dollar Tree 1/14/17

Saturday Morning Errands: Errand #1 Dollar Tree 1/14/17

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This Saturday, I really did not need much! So we started our morning at out favorite Dollar Tree. Since I clip the coupons I need right before I use them I missed out a saving. Here is the lesson I had to learn: I have not seen Sarah Lee bread at the Dollar Tree in sometime last week we had coupons and I put off clipping well this week we had Sarah Lee in the store since I did not clip them missed out saving. I cant guarantee next my store will have it because they only get what is left over and not needed at the big box stores who charge retail price. Well, guess what I am doing later tonight…. yep you guessed I am going though my coupons and clipping the ones coupons like this bread coupon. I also clip coupons of things that make a quick lunch or other “everyday” Dollar Tree type coupons.

  We started out with picking up normal…

  • 4 Chicago Tribune papers
  • Special: 6 Solar lights
  • 3 Drinks I take to work…. one 1 liter of Sprite, two 1 liter of Arizona Tea

Followed by our random finds.

  • Thomas Bagels – 1 plain & 1 Cinnamon Raisin
  • 3 Loafs  of bread – 1 Brownberry buttermilk, 1 Sarah Lee Artesano, 1 Brownberry Italian
  • 2 GoGo Squeeze
  • 2 boxes of Gram crackers ( 1 Frozen & 1 Dory)
  • 1 gel air freshener
  • 1 shower cleaner
  •  2 spray cleaners for Glade


I used an attached coupon for $1 off 1 of Thomas Bagels and used two $.55 off 1 Brownberry bread.

My OOP was $23.90 before $1.14 in tax! Getting closer to my $20 weekly budget those kids and the husband and screw me up every time!


~VIP Mom


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