Saturday Morning Errand: Costco 2/25/17

Saturday Morning Errand: Costco 2/25/17

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I was very hesitant to go to Costco with my husband because I always spend more money then I want to because I always coming across deals I can’t pass up. Well, I told my husband when we went in I was looking for Baby Wipes ( I prefer the Kirkland Brand) and Ravioli. My husband ¬†well he wanted those stupid almonds. Of course, I bought more then what on my list … Check out what I picked up!.

  • Baby Wipes – $19.99
  • 2 pounds of Strawberry’s – $3.99
  • Coffeemate – $5.99
  • Adult 3 packs of Speedo Goggle – $14.99
  • Shamrock Ravioli – $9.79
  • Smoked Almonds – $14.59
  • Mushrooms – $3.99
  • Riesling – $5.99
  • Gigantic IPA – $4.29
  • Organic Apple Cider – $5.69

Total – 89.80 plus Tax $4.53 paying $94.33


If you ask my husband is a “good” trip we spent less than $100. I love Costco it has so much to offer and if you don’t plan accordingly and have some will power you will over spend.


~VIP Mom




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