Regular Saturday Errands!

Regular Saturday Errands!

Dollar Tree

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Typically on Saturday mornings I go to favorite Dollar Tree. I know in the past dollar stores in general did not have a reputation with quality products. In the past 5 years Dollar Tree in specific has seriously increased in their game! For the past 2 years I have been going to my personal favorite Dollar Tree every Saturday morning. Let me tell you why I LOVE the Dollar Tree, especially this week!

14614286_10153952444000980_1461767831_oTo start with I prefer going to the Dollar Tree over Mendards for $1 newspapers. For me at least all my coupon inserts are always in the papers at the Dollar Tree. In the past I had problems with Mendards newspapers having the insert so to avoid the hassle I now just go to the Dollar Tree. In the Chicagoland area I can get Saturdays/Sundays newspapers (both with Sundays inserts) for $1 when retail is $2.99, seriously an almost $2 saving per paper! Considering I typically buy 4 papers I pay $4 for 4 and not $16 for 4… This alone is a HUGE weekly saving …. I am paying 33% of retail price for the same newspaper.

14618907_10153952443860980_878880418_oI am not sure you know this but the Dollar Tree has their own brand of K-cups. The K-cups are sold in 4 packs for $1 meaning your paying $.25 a cup of coffee with coupons or hassle! Myself personally I will not pay more than $.30 a cup of coffee with K-cups. I always seeing cups from $.40 or more a cup and that to me is just way to much money. Obviously, the cheapest way to make a cup is get whole bean and personal grinder and a make a pot of coffee. This is hidden gem I am not sure many people know about. I highly recommend you give them try especially if your like and LOVE your Keriug!


So these 3oz bags of Ritz bits are not that great of deal but I had $.75 coupon making them $.25 each. I must say I like the Dollar Tree section of quick snack size treats these are rather convenient for moms and for people like myself who need quick snacks at work.

14618915_10153952443380980_20273297_o-1The Dollar Tree has a nice selection of cards. Personally, I hate wasting money on cards especially when they like $3 or more. I know must people don’t hang on to them and really never look at them again after they open it. I recently had a friend lose her father so I wanted to send a card with $$$ and this card does the trick for $.50!

14608081_10153952443290980_1644547953_n-1Next on this week shopping trip was Arm & Hammer Carpet Odor Eliminator …. these are not as huge of saving at Target these run $1.47 but of course at the Dollar Tree they are $1….


Now I know if want to save money I need to stop drinking Soda/Pop but I am not there yet and luckily for me I don’t have brand loyalty. I can go to Aldi and get a 2 litter for $.79 or the Dollar Tree and get 2.5 litters for $1….


So outside of the noted purchases above and the little random I can get from here …. This has turned into my go to place for BREAD! This week I needed to restock my bread supply and I was luckily able to. Now I should say that week to week my stores selection varies because they get extra supply of bread that the major stores need. My stores gets their delivery on Saturday so for me this can be gold mine!

This week I got…..

2 Sara Lee (retail on these are like $2.50 each)

2 Thomas Bagels (retail on these are like $2.50 each)

1 Brownberry Sourdough (retail on these are like $4.29 each!!)

3 Brownberry Sandwich Thins (retail on these are like $3.50)

So $1 is not bad for FRESH bread …. Now on the Brownberry brand I had 4 – $.55 coupon which made those $.45 each and even better deal!!!!

Availability varies by store and region but I would recommend checking out your local Dollar Tree because you will likely find some great find and name brand items for a fraction of the price. However, be careful some items are not worth $1 and you find them elsewhere for less than $1 so be conscious. They often get in random very HOT deals I have found $12 hair treatments, Disney kids cups, Purex full size laundry soap so the opportunities for saving are for sure possible and great! Happy shopping !





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