Quick Thursday Errand: Costco 2/9/17

Quick Thursday Errand: Costco 2/9/17

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So after a doctor’s appointment my gas light came on and I decided to hit up the Melrose Park location for quick Thursday errant to Costco. Since this location was closer and on the way back I could pick up my son from school, I went here. I was going in to get ONLY for 1 thing but of course that is not what happened!

 So I went in for Feta Cheese and of course I walk out with all this stuff….

  • Paper Plates – $16.59
  • Orange Mango – $8.59
  • Leggings- $16.99 ( these are being returned I thought they were $10 … plus I have way toooo many legging anyways!)
  • 2 Cargo shorts for Mr. Middle Schoolers – $9.99 each
  • Baguettes – $6.99
  • Organic Tortillas  Chips – $4.59
  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup- $9.49
  • Crumbled Feta – $6.99
  • Fila Men’s Gym Shoes – $19.99 ( for husband he liked my son’s pair and requested his own.)




I had $7.72 in tax for grand total $118.74. Lesson is to not go shopping at Costco unless your ready to spend $$$$! I should have not called my husband and told him I was here because he “recommend” to grab some juice to add variety, then to pick up the shoes he wanted plus paper plates and his tortilla chips! I would have only grabbed my soap, bread, and feta and not even looked at the clothes.

Side Note about Costco brand Kirkland clothes: 

I find I only buy the Costco clothes when they have on display by the front door otherwise I am usually good and avoiding clothes sections. What women does not like shopping clothes?!? For me I find the Kirkland brand of clothes very flattering for my figure. I really like shopping there clothes but know I need to sell/donate clothes I am no longer wearing. My goal is not to over do it and be clothes-oholic my husband thinks I am.


My goal is to shop once a pay period at Costco or figure out how to get on my blinders and get what I need and nothing else.

~VIP Mom


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