Quick Monday Errand: Costco 1/30/17

Quick Monday Errand: Costco 1/30/17

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Well, I stopped at my local Costco to get gas because it is 30¬Ę cheaper here and all week I had to stop like every other day for a few bucks to keep from hitting empty. I had to find an excuse as to why I needed to shop. Costco’s empty parking lot was integrating as it was 8PM and I was without my husband and kids. I was at such peace! Before leaving for work I noticed my oldest was out of juice so that was excuse I gave to hubby. I also knew my hubby was out of beer and since he has been actully trying to make beer and giving it an honest effort I wanted to pick him up some and few other items.

  • Capri Sun 100% Juice – $5.89 (cashier must have rang two of the originals)
  • Capri Sun – $5.89
  • Fila Gym Shoes – $19.99
  • Kirkland 24 pack of Craft Brewed Beer- $19.99
  • 1.75 Liter of Kirkland Blended Scotch Whiskey – $17.99
  • Total: $77.83 ($7.38 was TAX!)


For my hubby alcohol needs I find that Costco has the best price on beer and their store brand of hard liquor is the cheapest around ( Hubby says it’s good!). My husband loves the alcohol section at Costco so he is typically happy with whatever I bring home. He has had both of the selections I picked up for him today so I knew he would like it!


Mr. Middle Schooler is very hard shoes and Costco’s $19.99 gym shoes are always hit for me. My oldest usually only wears one pair of shoes and kills them in about 4-5 months and I know he was approaching the time frame so I picked up a spear pair. Now these baby’s caught my hubby’s eyes and now wants a pair.


When I went I just gotten off of work and had not eaten dinner, so I picked up a cheap slice of FRESH pizza and smoothie for $3.84!


What do you pick up at Costco?


~VIP Mom


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