My Favorite Cleaning Tools!

My Favorite Cleaning Tools!

(Must haves if you have little kids)

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I by no means am a clean freak. I am always looking for ways to make my life easier especially when cleaning with 2 little ones and big kid who thinks manual labor will be the death of him.


These are my two personal favorite cleaning products I was not contacted or even requested by the companies to share these products. I am not being paid for the my personal opinion and review of these products, though I wish they would.

I broke my ankle in October 2015 and was confined to my first floor living room coach. After I got mobile 2 months later I hired Sears to come in and clean the coach and carpet. I ended up paying close to $200 for medium sized coach and 5×8 carpet to be cleaned. Ohh, I must mention at that time I had 12 month old, 28 month old and 11 year old. Guess what those kids had the coach and carpet look like it was never cleaned in less than 48 hours! Frustrated that spent that much money I started researching carpet cleaning machines with attachments this one stood out ….


Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Why this one…

  • Great reviews
  • Good price for my budget – I bought from Amazon Warehouse Deals so I got a “like new” (which was new) for even cheaper.
  • Carpet Cleaner with ¬†several attachments
  • Easy to use

I have used this clean my coach, carpet, and car seats …. I LOVE this carpet cleaner it is awesome especially if your like with me kids who are always making a mess!


So I know we are all annoyed with those annoying infomercial that come late at night. We all rolled our eyes like right “this is going to change my life.” This product is one of those products and it is now sold in all the Big Box stores. I ended up purchasing this product used the first time and it sat at my house for over 1 year before I used it and when I did it was “AHHHH!” moment. Now I have bought ¬†two different models and I prefer one model over the other and I will explain why. Now this is a must have if you have floors without carpet. It replaces mopping!

Shark Original Steam Mop (S3101)

Why this model over the others…..

  • Simple and very easy to use
  • I prefer to have control over how much stream I need. If I need more I just pump it a few times.
    • Great for cleaning hard crusted on stuff.
  • No excess water, floor dry fast
  • Reusable cleaning pad
  • Uses water
  • Sanitizes

Now I told you I bought another Shark Steam Mop it was because I broke my first one (which was the one above) with cleaning my condo and my new house when we moved. To replace it we thought that this model would be better. Let me tell it has been a sad disappointment and I wish I returned it. This product works as expected but for my family’s needs it was not a good fit because I could control the amount steam it makes, this model made my cleaning just a little bit more difficult. So in case your looking for a “upgraded” model here it is….

Shark Steam and Spray Professional (SK460)

Why would you want to purchase this model….

  • Regular everyday cleaning
  • Need a removable cord
  • Want to use products other than other

I hope this helps you with your cleaning as these products help me so much hope you enjoy!




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