Monday Evening Errand: Carnival Grocery 2/13/17

Monday Evening Errand: Carnival Grocery 2/13/17

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So when Aldi did not have everything I needed I had to make a decision on where to get my last two items for the week. I had remember this local grocery store in Oak Park had advertised Green Peppers ¬†for $.39 a pound and I knew they would likely have french rolls. So I went here. This is a local grocery store that at times to more expensive with less sales. When I reviewed the sales ad it is like 20 products tops. This is a smaller neighborhood store so I understand the need for them and appreciate them greatly. On the positive side they are a nice wine and beer selection which unique finds. Don’t forgot about theses local gems because they do have quality foods at high pricer because they can’t buy the way other big box stores can. I do like to support local small business whenever possible.

In this case I picked up 3 nice green peppers for $.54 total! At Aldi these would have cost $1.99 my Turano French Roll was $3.99 I think at Aldi they are similar price maybe a dollar less, if that!



I got my items and did not explore because I had to get home and clip coupons to do a CVS deal so I did not miss out extra care bucks that were due to expire.


~VIP Mom


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