Monday Evening Errand: Aldi 2/13/17

Monday Evening Errand: Aldi 2/13/17

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Since I worked this past Saturday I did not do my normal regular shopping. This is best day I could it and I made it quick as my store was out of a lot the produce I was looking for and rethink were I was going to pick these items without doing it on another day.

  • Kettle Chip (hubby snack)- $1.79
  • Broccoli Crowns – $1.29
  • Layer Dip-$2.99
  • Provolone Cheese – $1.99
  • Organic Spring Mix- $3.79
  • 2 Mushrooms-$1.49
  • Large eggs -$.89
  • Wicked Grove Cider- $6.49
  • Roma Tomatoes -$.99
  • Pink Moscato- $4.49
  • Moscato -$2.89

Total (before Tax) – $33.66

I had to make another unplanned stopped since they were out of the bread I was looking for as well as green peppers.

~VIP MomĀ 


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