Mendard’s Shopping starting 2/12/17

Mendard’s Shopping starting 2/12/17


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In general we like to shop at Mendards over Home Depot and Lowells. We like Mendards over other hardware store because the customer service is just better in our opinion not to mention they also have better pricing. My husband needed a few items for around the house repairs and I needed papers. I like looking around Mendards they have lots of other random deals as well that are not hardware.


One item I also check out at Mendards is their K-cups…. yep you read it right! We get a lot of our coffee from Mendards!

I am not big name brand coffee drinker I will try anything at least once. I have tried this brand and in the past both my husband and I were surprised how yummy this coffee is. On sale for $15 for 80 cups is a great steal of deal, making each cup of coffee 19¢! Not to mention RIGHT NOW they have their great sale of 11% off in the form of a mail-in-rebate which would make these 17¢ a cup! Our family’s goal is to pay under 30¢ a cup. Many people think this is too low but if I can regularly get a 4 pack of 4 K-cups at the Dollar Tree for $1 making those K-cups 25¢.  I am going to challenge myself to get basic coffee under 20¢ a cup. For special treats like Starbucks or other name brands would be to be under 30¢ cup. We also have reusable cups and can grid up our own coffee and use those. When we want strong coffee or have guest we find those to be not only cost effective but environmental friendly!

Random Tip: We also use the same K-cup to make one large cup of coffee and either a small or medium cup, extending the use of the K-cup. Our family also scopes the coffee out of the K-cups when we are done and use it in our garden and compost decreasing items that go to the landfill.


What else does Mendards offer….

If you were not aware you can also get the Chicago Tribune in the Chicagoland area for $1. Also you can use coupons at Mendards. Don’t forget to about rebates…. check the bottom  of your receipt before you leave and and pick up the Mail-in-rebate before you leave. I have also found that they don’t hold you to the mail-in date but I can’t make promise’s that won’t change, so mail it our quick!

Also, when possible wait to do shopping until you get the 11% rebate. Mendards runs this promotion frequently enough that if you can wait to schedule major projects around this promotions, you can save big. We frequently schedule our major home repairs around getting this rebate and then use the rebate on the next home project.

~VIP Mom


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