Last week Deals: Target & CVS

Last week Deals: Target & CVS

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This past week Target did something I LOVE they had a meat or seafood category coupon! So if you buy $20 worth of meat or seafood they will give $5 off at the register with the coupon!


Now since this is a store coupon you can stack cartwheels and manufacturer coupons! Now what I do is something different …. Since I am lucky enough we have 2 Super Targets close by this┬ámeans we have GOOD selection of meat and seafood. Like I normally do I look for fresh meat on clearance. I get that you may question buying clearance meat but I can assure you can find some very good deals and the meat will be just like the other meat. Before I purchase meat I evaluate it …..

  • Date for use or freeze it

  • No bubbling of package

  • The color of the meat

So what does clearance meat coupon look like? It is bright red $1, $2,$3, $4 or $5 sticker on the package.(See my picture below)

This Friday me and mother went and stocked up on lots chicken for my family!


TARGET makes feeding a family of 6 easy! For $18.52 I got…

  • 2 packages of organic chicken thighs,

  • 2 pacakages organic drumsticks,

  • 1 – 20oz package chicken breast,

  • 1 – 1lbs ground Turkey,

  • 1-2lb 6oz package chicken breast,

  • 1 flank streak

I saved 60% and a good portion of it was organic! I would have spend $46.72 if I paid retail but with my thinking the $18.52 is a much more reasonable cost!

Now on to ….



Now this was a slow week for me at CVS I just did not see much I wanted or needed. So I kept basic!


For $10.95 I got 3 pack of diapers and 2 gallons of Deans milk… My milk ran me $.99 & my overnight Huggies Diapers were $3.16 a pack which for me is pretty darn good I must say!




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