Dollar Tree FUN!

Dollar Tree FUN!

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I really think I am addicted to the Dollar Tree! My family and not going to lie  me too have a LOT of FUN shopping here. We do a lot of shopping here some things can be so practical priced at $1!  I go almost every Saturday morning with my family for my standard 4 newspapers and of course where I get myself in trouble is walking the store …  During the summer I got name brand cold medication that was regular price $8-$15 at other stores for $1 it expires by summer of 2017 but I stocked for this winter season. Guess what last week 3 out 3 adults got sick and all the kids. I have also gotten full size Purex from my favorite Dollar Tree.


This past Saturday has been no exception, I got stocked up on Holiday stuff for next year $.50  including bows, tags, wreath hangers, gift bags, and treat bags plus pencils and erasers …..







Plus of course could not pass up some wrapping paper…..


Well when I shop with husbands and kids it can rank up FAST! Of course my kids need bread …. we love Brownberry bread … this retails at the other stores for $4.29 a loft of bread so of course we never buy it at other stores but at the Dollar Tree I dig it and it does not hurt I use a $.55 off coupon too making it $.45 a loft… my family is also BIG bagels fans so we picked 2 packages at $1 and of course retail at other stores these like $3 package.





Well, Mr. Middle Schooler wanted Hot Coco kcups so he got 8 (4 for $1) plus some mini marshmallows ( plus some kcup coffee to try out for mama). We are also out of envelopes, wanted to randomly veggie storage , cooking spray, dry black beans, Kosher salt, and cleaning pads. I wont lie we could have done with hot coco kups and the veggie storage and cooking spray( hubby wanted to coconut oil), but hubby keeps saying “It’s only $1)…




I always tell people to shop with a plan which at the Dollar Tree my family is not very good at… now we came across full size General Mills cereal which just so happens to the Halloween themed. My family does not care so we grabbed 7 boxes which of course in my house will last fingers crossed a month! Mr. Middle Schooler and my hubby can kill a box in 2 days so this is a great deal for my family. Miss Princess and Mr. 3 year old LOVE Squeeze yogurt which for 4 for $1 is great deal because at Costco a 16 pack is $8ish and has the banana flavor no one in my house will eat. Also grabbed the last Juicy Juice with tea and juice mixes for the kids and dad’s 3 litter Coke. Other things we got but not pictured my 4 newspapers and hubby wanted 4 Rockstar energy drinks for work.




Now I know everything is a dollar but those dollar add up fast very fast. I spent $47 this trip plus tax. I try to keep around $20 each trip but something those good deals catch up with you spend more than realize! These past two weeks my family has went Dollar Tree crazy. Next week goal is spend $20 or less….



~VIP Mom



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