Where can I find coupons?

Where Can I Find Coupons?

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Any and everywhere!

My favorite place the SUNDAY NEWSPAPER! I live in the Greater Chicagoland Area so I buy the Sunday newspaper at my local Dollar Tree! It cost a $1 and not retail price of $2.99. I always get asked "How many newspapers do you buy a week?" I would strongly suggest buying ONE (1) newspaper per family member if you want to stockpile. I also strongly suggest to by in even numbers (so 2,4,6,etc.) Others decided how many coupons to buy based on what coupons are in the inserts as those week to week. (To use this method check out Coupon Preview .

There are several other place to find coupons not available in Sunday newspaper...
  • In-Store -When shopping in store be on the lookout for coupons because stores have them too...
    • Sign up for their store reward programs/ loyalty cards
    • Tear Pads
    • Blinkies
    • Peelies
    • Catalinas
    • Products themselves
    • Store Book / in store brochures
  • Other places to keep an eye out coupons
    • Free Samples
    • Doctor’s /dentist offices
    • Magazines
      • All You - Only available at Wal-Mart
      • Parade Magazine ( In the Chicago Tribune)
  • Mobile Opportunites
    • Text Messages
  • Online Printable Coupons-  Print coupons off line ASAP because they often have limits and disappear quickly.
Request from a company by (email or mail)

If you are like me and don't clip your coupons until you need them you will need help finding the coupons, so thankful there are coupon databases that tell you what coupon insert the coupon can be found it. Check out Coupon Tom .