Couponing at Target

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Target is one of my favorite places to get great deals because you can use several different types of coupons including Target coupon, Manufacture coupon, and Cartwheel offers.

  • Target insert Coupons: Target store coupons can be found in the regular Sunday paper. However, they are not in newspaper insert every Sunday. These may also be regional coupons that are not available nationwide.
  • Printable Target Coupons: Target web coupons are printable store coupons that can be found on Not all coupons on are Target web coupons some are manufacture coupons. Occasionally coupons found on are Target web coupons. To get Printable Target coupons Click Here.
  • Mobile Target Coupons: Mobile coupons are Target Store Coupons that are sent to your phone and can be used for in-store purchases at checkout. You just pull up the coupon on your screen and the cashier will scan the bar code. These coupons can typically be used once and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. To sign up for Target Mobile Target Coupon text 827438. Mobile Target Coupons 101: Text HELP to 827438 for info. To subscribe to these coupons you must have a smartphone.
  • Target Shopkick Coupons: Shopkick is a free downloadable application for internet-capable phone. Shopkick automatically recognizes when you go into a participating store, restaurant, and more. You can earn “kickbucks” for anything from entering the store to scanning select bar codes, the “kickbucks” can then be redeemed for different rewards such as giftcards. You can get scannable Target Coupons that you can redeem at checkout. Once the application is downloaded then add Target  to your Faves list. Be sure to wait until you are at the register to use coupons as they expire after 12 hours are tapping the word “use”.” At the register tap the word “use” and then a coupon and bar code will pop up for the cashier to scan.
  • Target Cartwheel Offers: This is the newest program offered by Target this saving program offers even more opportunities to get great deals. You can get 5%-70% off an item including grocery, health & beauty, baby, clothing and much more. You can redeem all offers on your cartwheel in one transaction an identical offer can be applied up to a maximum of four of the same products in a single transaction. You are allowed one Cartwheel offer per transantion, one manufacturer, and one Target coupon per item! You will need a Facebook account to earn savings and smartphone if not tablet (most Target’s offers free wifi!) to redeem in stores or you can bring a printed barcode. I love the feature that allows me to scan the barcode of the item to see if there is a cartwheel attached to that product.


Other Ways to Target Coupons: You can also sometimes find Target coupons in all kinds of magazines. Target also sends out various mailers with coupons – home mailers are random – there is no 100% fool-proof way to get one and unfortunately there is no definite mailing list to get on. When you check out at the register you can check the coupons that print from the Catalina machine that you get with your receipt. Sometimes they are Manufacturer coupons, but sometimes they are Target Coupons!


Price Match Policy: Click Here

What you need to know "If you buy a qualifying item at a Target store then find the identical item for less in the following week’s Target weekly ad or within seven days at,,,,, or in a competitor’s local printed ad, we’ll match the price"


Review Target's Store Coupon Policy before you get started!