Costco October 2016

Costco Visit October 2016

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I went to Costco two days in row! No that is not normal for me for my family! I really try to go to Costco as a little as possible because we can easily overspend. But in the end we tend to shop here.

I went to my old Costco in Oakbrook, Illinois after taking Mr. Middle Schooler to Barnes and Noble. I have not been this location in about 5 years but my mother brags about how great it is and she is right! In the past 5 years 2 new locations have opened much closer than this location and just never returned. While shopping at the North Riverside location an employee told me that the Oakbrook location is regional location they have the best selection of products. Since I was out at Barnes and Noble and Mr. Middle Schooler needed a snack I decided to check it out. The employee who recommended this location was right it had a ton of stuff my store does not! The next day my husband wanted to check it out so we all headed there after the Dollar Tree, since it was so close.

To start they have a play kitchen for $99.99, it is what I am looking for Christmas. I have been looking used but seem to find very girlie kitchens and since this is the big gift for my son and daughter for Christmas I want something gender natural. This is a good option for us but it is in the top of our price range.


We also noticed a lot of difference from our store to this regional store …..

  • The liquor, beer, and wine selection was very big and for my hubby this is big he loved how much beer they had to choose from.

  • The clothes selection was bigger than our normal store. My husband got a Cubs shirt for $17.99 considering they are in the running for World Series this was nice find for my husband. My son got some cell phone friendly gloves for $9.99. I got nice wrap for work ( I am always cold) for $14.99.

  • My husband believed they had a bigger selection of TVs and better pricing he was impressed that you get a Samsung 40″ Smart TV for $289.99! We got Mr. Middle Schooler a wireless Bluetooth for Christmas for $19.99 compared to Amazon $38.xx, this was somewhat of saving.

So the lesson for me and you is don’t get stuck to one favorite store check out other ones when you can, you might find some deals the your normal store wont have even though they are both Targets or Costcos or CVSs!



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