Clothes Shopping for Mr. Middle Schooler!


Clothes Shopping for Mr. Middle Schooler!

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Well, yesterday we decided to hit the mall for clothes shopping with Mr. Middle Schooler. We brought the two little ones with which made for an interesting shopping adventure needless to say. We knew Mr. Middle Schooler needed a few new pairs of pants and shirts ( long sleeve). I am luckily to say our family is very good for looking at the clearance rack first then at big box looking at sale items that hopefully be combined with a coupon. Lucky, Mr. Middle Schooler is a not picky kid so we did GREAT on the clearance racks!


So we started the shopping adventure with Gap and the little kids need to do other stuff so we really did not get a chance to look around once the kids got a bathroom break and all put together we decided to head to JcPenny and hopefully swing though Gap on the way out (which did not happen due to nap time).

So the very top picture in the collage above is what I got from JcPenny for him we found the best deals in mens’ small which gives him room to grow into it. (We looked the kid department and found nothing in his size.We even tried to see if mens’ jeans size 29 worked but the kid is tooo skinny and it did not work. )

In the end we got luckily with 4 shirts costing us $15.19! 2 of shirts were $3.37, 1 of the shirts was $5.93, another shirt was $2.52!

Once we figured he was too skinny for mens’ jeans we went to the Children’s Place were they had sizes up 16 in jeans and they were sale for $7.99 a pair so we bought 2 pairs totaling $15.98 for both.

Then we decided to check out American Eagle Outfitters. Now neither me nor my husband had every really had the urge or want to shop here but I had recently bought some used sweatpants for my son on one of those Facebook resale pages and I liked quality so I decided to check it out. I went of course straight to their to clearance rack and found 2 shirts marked down to $5.99 and my son loves bright colored socks so I paid $4 for two pairs ( as I cringe).


Mr. Middle Schooler made out now well in opinion,  my mother who works in retail and bought him 4 long sleeve lightweight shirts  $5 each so she saved the day! Hopefully I am done for the rest the season, fingers crossed he has no growth spur.


Well at JcPenny while looking for Mr. Middle Schooler clothes we came cross a ROCK BOTTOM clearance rack of summer clothes for Mr. 3 year old. We know we started giving away Mr. Middle Schooler clothes when he was size 3/4 so we don’t have much and we try to buy use as much as possible but this sale we could not pass up.


So I was able to get 2 Addias shirts for $2.52 each and 4 Addias shorts for $3.37 each and then 2 collared shirts for $2.52 and then the remaining 3 shirts and 3 shorts were $1.67 each !!!!! All for $33.58 now that’s a deal!!!! My husband and his impulsive buy for Mr. 3 year old means he got lucky and got a pair of Deer Stags work type boots for $25.49  (those were 50% retail for last current season shoes).

When it was all said and done with JcPenny receipt total stated I saved $270.41 on Mr. Middle Schooler & Mr.3 year old clothes!  After all the calculations were done I bought $343 retail price worth of product paying $72.59 (which the boots were $25.49) I saved 79% without the boots I would have saved 84% but I guess that peanuts!

Hope this gives you guys hope for shopping on clearance and buying for next year especially for kids who are growing!




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