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14045277_10153830977785980_1606055861_oHello Everyone!


I personally want to welcome you to VIP Mom Life. I wanted to introduce myself to you and tell how this became a reality for me.


I am wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. I meet my darling husband in high school and we have been married for 9 years (been together 17). We have a 12 year old son who will be referred to as Mr. Middle Schooler, 3 year old son who will be referred to as Mr. 3 year old, and an almost 2 year old, daughter who will be referred to as Miss Princess. Currently, my mother does live with us and we have 2 really bad ninja cats.  As you tell we have a full house! We live in a cute little western suburb of Chicago. I work 30 hours a week a Police Crisis Worker outside of Chicago. I have masters degree in Forensic Psychology with professional goals of working in federal probation. Many people find my professional life of working in the mental health field as strange because I am so obsessed and in love with SAVING MONEY.


Shopping has been a hobby of mine. As a young girl I always loved shopping maybe because my mother worked in retail. However, I knew I could get so much more, by shopping on clearance / sale and with combining it with a promotion and hopeful a coupon! My mother taught me the foundations of saving money. She also taught me not to be afraid of Aldi, store brand items and of course  shopping on sale. My mother never really got into couponing even though as a child I was always interested and clipped coupons from our paper every Sunday. Now fast forward to me after the birth of our first son, myself and husband financial savvyness was really tested. We were young parents and needed every penny! We had started problem solving by using what my mom taught me shopping Aldi for food and then by shopping on clearance and sale so we rarely paid full items. However, I noticed we were always throwing away money on grocery shopping.My interest in couponing finally lead me to read two books on couponing. I quickly learned some tips on how to use coupons to save but also learned the key was to stop eating out so much and start meal planning so I would stop shopping on a impulse. I have not got the meal planning down yet but I dont shop on a impulsive anymore. And of course, I soon perfected couponing. After my couponing skill was fully developed I was still looking for a way to save more money so I started buying things used which added to the saving. Along the way I have learned even more tricks I mean dozen upon dozens of tricks and tips ….. I now have a bag of tricks and tips to save money.


At first my husband thought this was nuts idea but now my husband thinks it is awesome we have been so successful at saving money and now before he buys stuff he asks how to get it for the least amount of money. My whole family even the kids LOVE saving money. It is cute to see my 12 year old and 3 year old know what is coupon is and that we have to save money.


Many people think saving money means not shopping and going without but that is not true. We have all of our needs meet and so many of our wants because we know how much to spend and when to buy.  We like name brand like Gap, Janie and Jack, and Hunter Boots we just know when and how to purchase these items. We try not to act on immediate gratification.


In 2013 I first attempted to share my experience with couponing on a blog but was not so successful because I working full-time and new mom but I always thought about sharing my experiences on how to save money and in August of 2016 VIP Mom Life was born. I hope you learn something NEW about saving money that is my sole goal of this site. Also to share other possible opportunities of earning income without the traditional “job,” as I too dream of working from home. I hope my site is helpful to you and journey in saving money.


I hope you enjoy VIP Mom Life experience and please don’t hesitant to ask questions!


~VIP Mom (aka Victoria)


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